MORE ways to connect. When opportunity calls, you need reliable phone and internet service. Through ongoing network upgrades, our phone and internet services continue to exceed our business customers’ needs.

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Through ongoing network upgrades, our Internet services continue to meet our business customers’ growing demand for ever-increasing high bandwidth, highly-reliable services. Whether your business needs basic Internet connectivity or a more robust solution, our high-speed data and Metro Ethernet services are here to serve.


All Fiber. Full Speed Ahead.

EATEL Business provides the Fiber difference.

Faster internet and phone service with 100% optic fiber*, faster uploads, faster shared business files all equal a happy work force.

EATEL's Fiber Network:

Our infrastructure is always expanding to bring the most reliable speed to you and your business operations.

*Fiber is available in select areas. Please contact us to find out if your business is on a fiber route.

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Business Internet

Business Internet

Looking for more speed on the Internet? EATEL's fiber-based Business Internet service is the answer. With this service, our fiber-optic network provides you a powerful boost to your Internet uploads and downloads. With download speeds now up to 1GB, your company’s direct line to fiber-based Internet service is as fast as you need it to be.

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Managed Network (Ethernet, Wifi & LAN)

Managed Network (Ethernet, Wifi & LAN)

Managed Network

Stay focused on your business’s critical goals by letting us handle the day-to-day tasks of keeping your network secure, agile and scalable with our Managed Network Services, which includes Metro-Ethernet, Managed LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity.  Learn More


Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet data transport and dedicated internet access services are extremely popular with our medium- to large-size business clients. These products provide Gigabit services that connect multiple business locations within a service area using Ethernet protocol. With transmission speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to over 1 Gbps, your business can choose a bandwidth profile that best fits its real traffic needs. Learn More


Managed WiFi

EATEL Managed WiFi is the perfect solution for businesses who are looking to provide wireless connectivity within the workplace. This flexible, fully managed wi-fi solution provides an ultra-secure private wireless network for your employees, and can also be used to create a separate public network for guests. Learn More


Managed LAN

Let EATEL install and configure a scalable LAN solution that can grow with your business, monitor and maintain network equipment, and can even set up secure access to your network for remote employees. Learn More

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What is the difference between LAN/MAN/WAN?

What is a Local Area Network or LAN

A Local Area Network or LAN connects a group of computers and devices at a single site via a high-speed connection where people need to share resources among themselves, but not with the outside world.

What is a Metro Area Network or MAN

A Metro Area Network or MAN consists of a larger computer network across an entire city, campus, or small region. A MAN is larger than a LAN; a MAN is often used to connect several LANs together to form a bigger network.

What is a Wide-Area Network or WAN

A Wide-Area Network or WAN is an even larger network that spans a very large area, such as an entire state or country. The Internet is an example of a worldwide public WAN.

Eatel blog and news