Hosted Business Phone

Focus on the call, let us handle the rest. EATEL’s Hosted Business Phone offers big-business functionality at a small-business price.

Hosted Business Phone

Ease the burden of your company having to purchase, store, maintain and manage its own phone system with a hosted business telephone service.  EATEL’s Hosted Business Phone offers big-business functionality at a small-business price.

Hosted Business Phone is a fully-managed, Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system that backs up to

EATEL data centers for added scalability. With Hosted Business Phone, you’re free from having to purchase and manage your own phone equipment; we manage the system on our network for you.  Everything you need—phones, switches, training, and the hosted PBX service—is included with one convenient monthly charge.

Plus, EATEL you will have the ability connect to customers outside of the EATEL network, even if you have non-EATEL internet.

  • Easy. Customize to suit your needs with the CommPortal: a free service that turns any web browser into your personal call center.
  • Scalable. Buy only what you need. As your business grows, hosted voice.  grows with you.
  • Always Current. EATEL’s server is continually upgraded to include new capabilities as they arise; no obsolescence
  • Insightful. Reporting functions make your decisions easy and impactful.
  • Reliable. Hosted in a fully-redundant data center powered by EATEL without a need for physical phone infrastructure

Additional Features:

We also offer Local Optional Service (LOS), Conferencing, 24-hour maintenance, inside wire maintenance, directory assistance.

  • Call manager. Mute, transfer, place on hold, record calls (law permitting), and make three-way calls or setup conference calls.
  • Video calling. Upgrade calls to video if calling a person with compatible service.
  • Visual voicemail. Voice messages translated into text; listen, delete, or respond to messages.
  • Conference calling.
  • Chat/Instant messaging.
  • Softphone for PC. Add a headset to your desktop or laptop to make calls from your PC.


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Hosted Voice FAQ

What is Hosted Voice?

Hosted Voice is a best-in-class phone system hosted in the EATEL network. Instead of purchasing and managing a phone system, EATEL delivers the same features on a per-user, or per-phone basis. All of the features and capabilities of your current business phone system are available on Hosted Voice. Even better, Hosted Voice gives you a number of advanced capabilities you may not have today, all easily managed on a web portal.

The benefits of this “cloud” based approach to buying a phone system are numerous. Some important benefits are:

  • Large-business functionality at a small-business price. Business phone systems typically cost thousands of dollars. Hosted Voice gives small-to-medium size businesses a sophisticated, scalable, highly-functioning phone system typically only afforded by larger businesses.
  • Buy only what you need. As your business grows, Hosted Voice grows with you.
  • No obsolescence. As new capabilities come available, EATEL will upgrade Hosted Voice and provide you the latest-and greatest capabilities.
  • Predictable billing. No surprises.
  • No large up-front purchase. Everything will be provided by EATEL as part of the monthly service price of Hosted Voice.

How reliable is Hosted Voice?

Hosted Voice is based on Voice over IP (VoIP) that uses your company's data connection to deliver calls to and from your office. EATEL's data network has very high reliability, and Hosted Voice is engineered such that voice traffic always takes priority over more routine data traffic.

In the network, EATEL has implemented Hosted Voice with a redundant design such that if a failure were to occur, backup equipment would take over. The biggest advantage as compared to a traditional phone system set-up is the intelligence for the service resides in the Vision network, not on local equipment. If a natural disaster or event were to happen, EATEL's network-based solution would continue to operate, whereas a phone system at a business location has a greater chance of failing

How is Hosted Voice different than Skype and Vonage?

Some VoIP providers offer a solution that uses the public internet and is not engineered for optimal performance. Sometimes it works fine, but performance can vary widely based on location, time of day, and the amount of data traffic. In contrast, Hosted Voice is a network-based phone system that utilizes Vision's managed, secure, and high-performing private IP network. Your traffic is managed and prioritized and is not subject to the same uncontrollable inconsistencies seen in public internet services.

How is the voice quality?

Since Hosted Voice is an end-to-end managed solution, voice quality is comparable to what you're used to today. However, as technologies such as high definition voice emerge, voice quality for services like Hosted Voice will be far superior to what you have today.

Will the data traffic in my office affect voice quality?

Hosted Voice is a fully managed solution – EATEL ensures voice quality from your phones all the way into the phone network. Prioritization of voice traffic is used so that no matter how much data traffic occurs in your network, voice always has first priority.

How does 911 service work with Hosted Voice?

When your company signs up for Hosted Voice service, the physical address that you provide to EATEL will be reported to local emergency service personnel when 911 calls are placed. It is important to note that calls from EATEL’s Hosted Voice service to any Enhanced 911 emergency center will report this physical address you provided when the service is initiated, even if the device is moved to another location. If you move phones after the initial installation, you MUST notify EATEL of the new physical address, otherwise emergency responders may not reach you. Please refer to this page for complete 911 details associated with EATEL's Hosted Voice service.

If my business needs to make changes (or move a phone), do I need to call EATEL?

Hosted Voice provides a web portal called CommPortal for both end-users and administrators so that the vast majority of capabilities of the service can be self-managed. Want to make a change to a hunt group or call pickup group? Go into the web portal and make the change. Want to move a phone from one location in the building to another? Simply plug the phone into the wall jack at that location and the phone will boot up with the user's configuration ready to go.

The designated administrator of your company may access CommPortal at and end users may access it at

As always, EATEL is ready to serve your business needs and answer inquiries. For assistance, simply call our business customer service at (225) 621-4100.

Will the data traffic in my office affect voice quality?

Hosted Voice is a fully managed solution – EATEL ensures voice quality from your phones all the way into the phone network. Prioritization of voice traffic is used so that no matter how much data traffic occurs in your network, voice always has first priority.

What kind of support materials are available to Hosted Voice customers?

In addition to on-site training, the best and most inclusive source of support material is on's Support webpage found at Here, everyone in your company will have access to multiple sources of information, including tutorial videos and user guides. Additionally, EATEL's business representatives are always a phone call away – (225) 621-4100.


A small business has many priorities – things such as finding new customers, recruiting and retaining talented employees, keeping ahead of the competition, and managing costs are a few that leap to mind. With so much on your mind, your phone system might be something that you haven't thought about in a while. If your business has been around for some time, perhaps you have a few phone lines that connect to a system like a key system or private branch exchange (PBX). It seems to do the job, but are there other alternatives out there that might help your business save money, be more productive, and improve the customer experience?

In a word, yes. For many years, phone systems with sophisticated features were only available to bigger businesses that had the capital to make a large up-front investment in equipment, and then spend more money to customize a system to their specific business needs.

However, with technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and network, or “cloud”-based services, an impressive array of capabilities is now available to small businesses. The best part is that technology has not only increased capabilities, but dropped the price to a point where virtually any business can take advantage.


Choosing the right technology can be daunting for any small or medium business. You often find yourself wading through a sea of strange buzzwords and tech speak. This paper is designed to help you understand your options and make the best choice for your business.

There are three main types of products based on VoIP technology that are available to you. They are:

  • IP Trunking/Integrated Access – These products allow you to continue to use your existing phone system, but use Internet Protocol (IP) – the same technology used to browse web sites – to drive cost savings.
  • IP-PBX – This is a modern variant of a traditional phone system that you purchase, install at your business location and manage yourself. It provides a great feature set, but usually requires a capital investment to purchase the equipment on top of a monthly fee for voice service.
  • Hosted IP-PBX – This is a service that you purchase on a contract basis from a phone or telecommunications company like EATEL. Like an IP PBX, it also provides a great feature set, yet it is hosted in the cloud - that's tech speak for owned and managed by your service provider. Your business pays for the service monthly with little or no capital investment.

Let us examine these options in greater detail.

IP Trunking

One of the simplest ways for a small business to switch to VoIP is IP Trunking. This solution allows a business to take advantage of the benefits of VoIP (potentially unlimited usage, a shared connection for voice and Internet) without replacing its existing phone system.

In an IP Trunking solution, voice and Internet are generally carried over a single data circuit with part of the circuit used for voice and the other part for data. Because voice is very sensitive to delays (just think about how annoying a conversation would be with one or two seconds in-between every back and forth), phone calls always take priority over Internet traffic like web browsing or email.

Some of the benefits of IP Trunking include:

  • Cost Savings – For many customers, the move from separate circuits for voice and data to a single, “integrated” circuit will deliver cost savings between 10-30%.
  • No Capital Costs – These solutions allow businesses to use their existing phones and phone system so there are no up-front charges.
  • Predictable Operating Expense – Monthly voice and data charges appear on one bill and in general have pretty predictable monthly costs. A small business will typically pay a fee based on how many concurrent phone calls they might make at any time. (A good rule of thumb to figure out how many concurrent phone calls your business might need is to take the number of phones in your business and divide by three). Long distance usage is either unlimited or a large pool of minutes.
  • No Maintenance Expenses – Because there is no new equipment, there are no new costs associated with maintenance.

The biggest negative to IP Trunking – since the business is using existing equipment, there's no new functionality to help your business run better. If you have an aging phone system, IP Trunking is pretty much a temporary solution until your phone system dies or becomes obsolete.

Purchasing An IP-PBX

Purchasing a new phone system is a logical step in improving your communications infrastructure. The vendors supplying Internet Protocol-PBXs (IP-PBXs) can deliver an excellent experience for your employees and customers. However, you might be in for a little sticker shock. An IP-PBX is a capital purchase – it requires you to buy the phone system, new phones, and have it installed. These purchases can easily add up to thousands of dollars ($5,000-10,000 is not uncommon). Yes, that cost can be financed, but you need to consider whether you want to buy and eventually own a piece of depreciating equipment when other, less capital-intensive options exist.

Some other considerations you might have when purchasing an IP-PBX are:

  • Obsolescence – Like any other piece of equipment, an IP-PBX can quickly become outdated. An IP-PBX can be updated and upgraded, but it will cost money. And, eventually, just like with an old PC, there comes a time when upgrading isn't possible and your company will need to purchase a new one.
  • Business Continuity – Since the IP-PBX will reside in your facility, anything that might happen in and around it – a power outage, a natural disaster, etc. – will affect your company's ability to send and receive calls.
  • Multiple Vendors – The IP-PBX is manufactured by an equipment provider, but generally supplied to a small business by a service provider or reseller. A service provider usually supplies Internet, voice lines and long distance. Because multiple vendors are involved, when problems arise, it is often difficult to determine which vendor is responsible for troubleshooting and repair.

Hosted IP-PBX - A PBX In The Cloud

Hosted IP-PBX (or Hosted PBX) makes all of the features and capabilities of a best-in-class phone system available to you without the need for a big capital purchase. With Hosted PBX, the service provider owns, hosts, manages and updates the phone system in their network. As a business, you do not have to worry about the expense, maintenance, or other downsides to purchasing a physical phone system. Instead of that big up-front investment, you pay only for what you need.

Some of the characteristics of Hosted IP-PBX are:

  • Low or No Capital Costs – Since there is no equipment to purchase, the up-front costs are limited – and often these are included as part of your monthly bill.
  • Predictable Operating Expense – Monthly voice and data charges are usually calculated on a per telephone basis. For example, if your business has 10 employees each with a telephone on their desk, your monthly operating cost will be 10 times a set fee. If you add people, you'll know exactly how your costs will increase.
  • No Maintenance Expenses – Because the service provider owns the equipment, they are responsible for all the costs associated with equipment and software upgrades. Maintenance of any equipment in your facility is included in the monthly service fee as well.
  • Business Continuity – Since the phone system resides in a highly-secure, service provider-owned facility with safeguards like back-up power and equipment, events at your location such as a power outage would not affect your business. You can simply and quickly configure the service to have the calls routed to an alternate number (such as another location, home or mobile device) and business can proceed.
  • No Obsolescence – The service provider hosting the system will routinely upgrade the service so that new enhancements are delivered on an ongoing basis at little or no cost.

Hosted Voice From EATEL

EATEL is proud to make Hosted Voice (aka Hosted IP-PBX or Hosted PBX) available to businesses. We see the future as one where businesses anywhere can reap greater performance benefits at a lower cost by moving to a cloud-based solution. Hosted Voice is a cloud-based IP-PBX that makes an incredible array of features and capabilities available at a fraction of the cost of an on-site phone system.


Hosted Voice is truly the last phone system you'll ever need. It delivers best-in-class capabilities at a price that's affordable for all. As described earlier, Hosted has a lot of advantages, namely low capital expenses, predictable billing, business continuity benefits, and no obsolescence. In addition to those, here are a few others:

A bundled price for everything you need to run your business . Hosted Voice from EATEL is an all-inclusive product that includes everything you need to support the voice and data needs of your business.

Included with the price of each “seat”, or user, is:

  • Full feature set plus a web portal to customize the business or employee calling experience
  • Brand new Cisco IP phone (upgrade models are available for an additional monthly charge)
  • Business-wide features such as Auto Attendant and Music on Hold
  • Free long distance
  • Equipment and installation

There are no hidden costs – you simply pay a flat rate per employee per month and that's it. As your business expands, you can simply add new users to your account.

Have a remote employee? The power of Hosted Voice enables you to put a phone virtually anywhere with an Internet connection and have it work seamlessly with the rest of your business.

Big Business Features – Hosted Voice provides you all the features you need and then some. If you're on an older system today, you'll be thrilled with the functionality that's available with Hosted Voice. Included are the features you'd expect – call transfer, voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, and the like. However, what really makes Hosted Voice exciting are capabilities including:

  • Quick and Easy Customization – an easy-to-use web portal enables you and your employees to easily customize their phone system experience to suit the way they do business. Have an employee that's out of the office a lot of the day? With the click of a mouse, a user can take advantage of Hosted Voice's powerful remote office capabilities to have their desk phone and mobile phone ring simultaneously, and have all of his/her messages route to a single, unified voice mailbox.Want to distribute inbound sales calls to a group of employees? Again, a click of a mouse in the web portal lets you set up a hunt group that can ring your sales team's phones simultaneously, in sequence, or in a specific pattern.
  • Auto Attendant and Music on Hold – Auto Attendant ensures that your business is always available to your customers, even if you're not. During business hours, use the Auto Attendant to route calls to the appropriate department or answer routine questions. After hours, use Auto Attendant to take messages or route urgent calls to mobile devices or other phones. Music on Hold gives your business the professional appearance you want by playing music, announcements, or both while your customers are on hold. Best of all, that same web portal allows you to upload a new message anytime you'd like. Customer Service – Should there ever be a question or problem, our trained staff will solve it to your satisfaction – quickly. Compare that to other providers in the area that serve customers with a call center in another state or even another country and you'll understand why local is better.
  • Voice Quality and Security – Since Hosted Voice is a service that's fully managed, we ensure a superior experience. This is not a product like Vonage or others that use the commercial internet to route voice calls so that some calls sound like a bad cell phone. With Hosted Voice, end-to-end quality and security are assured. All calls are routed over EATEL's managed network to give your calls the highest priority.


There are a lot of options out there when looking at a phone system. It may seem like the status quo – no change – is the safest bet. However, the pace of technology has now made possible an impressive array of capabilities available to small and medium business that was previously only available to larger ones.

Now might be the right time to evaluate your needs and see if new capabilities might help your business be more productive. You might find you can make a big jump forward while spending pretty much what you're spending today – or even saving money.

With Hosted Voice, EATEL is delivering a best-in-class phone system with little to no up-front costs that allows you to buy only what your business needs. We take care of all the details – phones, equipment, installation, training, and ongoing service – so you can focus on your business. Best of all: we're local and we're ready and able to find the best communications solution for your business.

Call (225) 621-4100 or fill out our sales form today to find out how Hosted Voice can help your business.

*Hosted Voice available in select areas.