Metaswitch, the parent company of Accession Communicator, has recently announced that it is rebranding Accession Communicator to MaX UC. This change is scheduled to take effect on April 27, 2020. 

What does this mean?

This is purely a brand and logo change. No features, functionality or user experience in general is impacted. A new name and logo will appear when you visit Apple App Store or Google Play Store with v2.31. If you have automatic updates turned on, this change will automatically be pushed to you and you will see the change. If you don’t have automatic updates enabled, you may need to update manually. Mac users will be prompted to go through two upgrades. Searching for both ‘Accession’ and ‘Max UC’ in the app stores is expected to work.


What is the new name for Accession Communicator and when is the change coming? The new name for clients will be MaX UC. This brand change will happen with release v2.31, expected April 27, 2020. What happens to the “Accession” brand? The “Accession” brand will be retired with v2.31 of the client. This means...

  • The “Accession” brand will not appear in Metaswitch Product names
  • Accession Messaging Service (AMS) will be renamed Advanced Messaging Service (AMS)
  • Accession Desktop will be referred to as MaX UC Desktop client
  •  Accession Mobile will be referred to as MaX UC Mobile client
  • Accession Communicator in App Store/Play Store will be replaced with the MaX UC app, and the Accession logo will be replaced with the MaX UC logo
  • Support ticket/Issue systems will be updated to provide the new name for the clients
  • Manuals and other external documentation will be updated starting v2.31.  


Manuals will use ‘MaX UC clients’ in place of ‘Accession’

For Mac Users:

Double Upgrade Mac users will be prompted to upgrade when MaX UC is released. After upgrading, the user will immediately be asked to upgrade again. This second upgrade will change the name of the application from Accession to MaX UC. This is all done automatically and the user just has to accept both upgrades.

When should end users see the new client in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store?

This change is expected to be in the app stores starting in April.  If automatic updates are enabled, the change will be pushed automatically. If auto updates are not enabled, manually updating the app may be needed.  Note that this change only affects select screens and does not impact feature, functionality or the user experience in general.

Which specific screens of the app are going to change?

Here is a quick view of some of the screens where Accession name and logo is replaced with MaX UC and logo.